Consider “Cozi” to Organize the Family Schedule

SimpLeigh Organized:

Here’s a post I read on 10 Minute Organizer about using Cozi to organize your family schedule. I have been using Cozi and the app for years now and I love it! I recommend it to anyone looking for a way to organize and streamline their schedule.
Enjoy! :)

Originally posted on 10 Minute Organizer :

Living in Las Vegas for 14+ years, Husband and I became used to non-traditional schedules. Swing shift, odd hours, and inconsistent days off made time together precious. So we became accustomed to daily phone calls, texts and emails to check schedules.

Then we had a baby.

No surprise, calls, texts and emails went unanswered because having a phone ring or vibrate in your pocket while holding Baby to sleep is just not a good idea. I stayed home and took Baby to the myriad of playdates and classes. When I worked, my calendar was on my desk at work. But now my calendar was on the wall in my kitchen. I got frustrated one day trying to schedule a followup doctors appointment. I just got tired of saying “go ahead and schedule it and when I get home I’ll check my schedule and reschedule it if I have a conflict”…

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